As you age, it is natural to stress over the appearance of your skin. After all, the youthful condition of our facial skin is often used to define our beauty. Unfortunately, exposure to environmental pollutants, damaging sunlight and bad lifestyle choices often cause excessive wrinkles, fine lines and darkened areas of skin that can make anyone look older than they feel. In the past, anti-aging creams did little more than hide the premature signs of growing older without improving the cause.

Once anti-aging experts and research scientists began to focus their efforts on the identifying the changes in the skin that can lead to premature signs of aging, radical advancements were made in understanding the true causes of an aging face. It was first noted that the production of new cells in the outer layers of the skin began to decrease with age. We now know that fewer antioxidants are present in older skin while the number free radicals tend to increase.

When coupled with the natural loss of collagen production and lower levels of hyaluronic acid, the skin begins to sag. Hyaluronic acid performs a variety of functions to include bonding the cells in the skin to make the face feel smoother and tighter. Since neither hyaluronic acid nor collagen are increased by rubbing it on the skin, companies like Jon Morgan MD Skin Care Products had to identify the ingredients that would stimulate the production of these vital substances.

Fortunately, researchers have identified a wide variety of compounds that can be used in skin care formulas to restore the skin’s natural ability to repair wrinkles and reduce sagging. Today’s anti-wrinkle creams can essentially turn back the clock by providing a healthier skin for a younger look. Plus, the compounded effect of using newer products can offer faster results than yesterday’s remedies. So, if you look older in the mirror than you feel, it’s time to try the Jon Morgan MD line of anti-aging creams, gels and supplements.