On scorching sunny days, it is easy to remember to apply sunscreen when you go outdoors. But, the truth is, you need to protect exposed areas of skin in all climates at all times when you intend to be outside for any extended period. Sun rays contain harmful ultraviolet rays that can quickly destroy layers of skin. When we are young, our bodies may appear to handle overexposure to the sun without incidence but sun damage, at even the earliest age, can lead to skin problems later on in life. So, a lifetime of healthy skin can depend upon using a broad spectrum sunscreen throughout the aging process.

If you already have a skin condition, using a good sunscreen lotion is not option. In fact, you should keep an oil-free sunscreen handy and remember to apply it as directed on all exposed areas of your skin. This will help you manage any pre-existing skin condition as well as maintain a healthy elasticity in the outer layers. It is also important to hydrate when spending times out of doors. If you already have dry skin, avoid alcohol or caffeinated drinks that can also impact skin hydration. The sun not only dries the moisture out of your skin, but dehydration can compromise other important bodily functions that are essential to good health.

It is inevitable that the hair on your head is going to take a beating on a sunny day. Although some may choose to wear a hat to protect their head and facial areas from the sun’s harmful rays, it is still a good idea to use a good shampoo and balanced hair conditioner after a day spent outdoors. This is especially true when you’ve experienced an overexposure. Don’t forget to properly cleanse, moisturize and treat other sensitive areas like the ears and the back of your neck. To select the oil-free sunscreen that’s right for you, simply click on the menu link, pick the SPF rating you need and add the product to your shopping cart.